Wifi Camera Android System Software Wifi Action Camera

2021-06-18 158
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Version v1.4. 0

WIFI connect setting


First use

Step1: download APP

You can download it as follows:

IOS users search for "WiFi Camera" in the APP Store to download

Android users search for "WiFi Camera" in application stores to download


First step: open the WIFI function through remote control, WIFI function can be only open by remote control, then it will display the account and password, the account is: HY-1070d9eea30d21c0  password12345678

Second step: open the WIFI on the mobile phone, you can check the  WIFI network HY-1070  then click to connect, it will show a tick when connect success, open the WiFi Action Camera APP to connect Camera.


This is the image of a successful connection.