HY-2307 Digital microscope instruction manual

2019-10-18 1301
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1. 14 Mega Pixel, Panisonic COMS Sensor

2. This product has 14 Mega Pixel photograph and 1080P video recording, press the "mode" key to switch. The default is photo mode, press once to switch to video, press again to preview mode, and it can switch in cycles.

3. This product suppport 5 times digital zoom, press UP or DOWN to zoom in or zoom out digitally, long press to zoom in or out quickly, short press to zoom in or out one time.

4. Support HDMI high resolution video ourput interface, The output format is 1080p 60hz.

5.This product provides driver-free 1080P 60fps high-definition usb video output.

6. This product supports one-key image freeze/unfreeze function, please press the on/off button to realize the freeze and unfreeze function.

7. The product provides a marking function, 5 horizontal lines, 5 vertical lines, supports optional and moving lines, and the color and thickness of the line are adjustable, and the center cross cursor is displayed.

8. Support automatic and manual exposure.

9. Support EV (exposure compensation) adjustment.

10. Support English, Chinese traditional, Chinese simplified and other multi-language settings.

11. Support 50Hz, 60Hz light source frequency selection setting

12. Support HCSD T-Flash card (Class 4), Maximum support 128GB

13. Support shutdown save settings function.